Group Coaching

An interactive group coaching program to help you harness the power of self-love to shift your story from the inside out.

♡ Are you often disappointed with yourself?
♡ Do you speak to yourself in limits?
♡ Do you live with regret with the decisions you’ve made?
♡ Do you feel depressed, unhappy or unfulfilled?
♡ Are you always looking for people or things to validate who you are?
♡ Are you looking for happiness, love or acceptance outside of you?
♡ Do you often feel unworthy, undeserving or incapable of your dreams and desires?
♡ Do you constantly put yourself down and fall into self sabotaging behaviors?
♡ Are you wanting to feel better and have a healthy and happy relationship with yourself?

Then, this group coaching program is for you! This sums up exactly where I was. I had a hateful, unloving and unsupportive relationship with myself. I thought love was only a romantic thing and something we ‘got’ if we were worthy enough for it. I always felt low energy, depleted and had constant mood fluctuations because I was always emotionally charged. My self image was based upon what I did, my circumstances and what people thought of me.

I hated my way into depressed, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and very low self-esteem. When I couldn’t bear the pain anymore I thought taking my own life was the only option. I tried, but couldn’t actually do it. Then, I was left with two choices: 1) Continue living the way I was living with self-hate 2) Decide to turn all this around by doing the exactly opposite – love myself.

I chose to love myself and it saved me. The incredible healing energy of self-love has gotten me to where I am today. Living depression free, with purpose, passion and joy in my life and empowering myself daily to commit to being the expression of love.

Loving yourself is the most radical choice you could ever make if you truly want to live a fulfilling, happy and empowered life. Why? Everything in your life is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

Let me teach you how you can make an empowered choice to change the only constant relationship in your life – the one you have with yourself by remembering to love who you are.

This program will change how you feel about yourself, and because of that it will change your life!

The power of self-love is immediate because you will always feel better.

What You Get

➝ How to create a healthy, happy and whole relationship with yourself
➝ Deeply commit to understanding the relationship with yourself
➝ Transcend your self imposed blocks, limits and sabotaging behaviors
➝ Learn to celebrate, honor and support yourself
➝ Reclaim your authentic power and be unapologetic about being yourself
➝ Let go of your current self-image and story to create a new empowered one
➝ Feel worthy and deserving of your own love
Plus: Four weekly 90 minute group coaching calls and opportunity to ask your questions live
Plus: Access to the private Empowered Self Love Facebook group for support, wisdom and community
Plus: Weekly loving homework
Bonus: Magic Eraser Guided Meditation
Bonus: Free copy of the 30 prompts for 30 days of the Love Letter Project
Bonus: Audio recording of all the group coaching calls

How it Works

Week One- Fed-up and Ready for Change

Before you can create change, you must become aware of who you’re being to yourself. You will look at beliefs, childhood conditioning, self-talk and your behaviors. You will learn to accept where you are right now in order to create empowered change rooted in self-love.

Week One- Fed-up and Ready for Change (3)

You will learn how the way you’ve treated yourself only hurt you. These are the resistances you’ve built to stay in patterns and behaviors that keep you feeling victimized. It’s time to release them. You will learn the power and practice of forgiveness. You will learn to help yourself. You will visit the innocence and love within you already.

Week One- Fed-up and Ready for Change (2)

It’s time to learn how you want your relationship with yourself to truly be. You will learn what you aren’t giving to yourself and what you are holding yourself back from. You will learn how to use the power of visualization to birth and align to the whole loving you.

Week One- Fed-up and Ready for Change (4)

Self-love is empowerment. You will learn how to empower yourself with exercises and practices done on a daily basis to keep feeding your loving Spirit. You will understand what an empowered choice will do for your confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion. You will experience a new level of clarity within as you relate to yourself as an empowered and loved creator.

The Details

↠ Begins on Saturday, February 25th at 10am PST

↠ We will meet every Saturday at 10am PST on Mar 4th, Mar 11th, Mar 18th

↠ You will receive a welcome email after you’ve made the payment with access to all the goodies and a questionnaire

↠ You will receive access to the Empowered Self Love Facebook group and meet your fellow partners

↠ You will have access to ask me unlimited questions, receive support and share your ah-ha’s in the Facebook group

↠ You will receive homework to do for the week after each live coaching call

↠ You will receive access to the bonuses: Magic Eraser Guided Meditation and 30 Prompts for 30 Days of the Love Letter Project

↠ You will be supported in a sacred, compassionate and loving space with beautiful souls

Your Investment $333

Payment Options

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