An Exercise to Live Your Truth

May 16, 2017

I recently wrote a post on confidence yesterday and the day before that I wrote an article for the Huffington post on a new way to say affirmations.

This all got me thinking about the power of learning. We are always constantly bombarded with information ~ there is so much outside stimulus all the time. This way of learning shapes who we are. As a young child we are taught how to say our words, how to walk, what’s good behavior, what’s bad behavior, how to eat, how to say please and thank you. We are taught to BE.

The key word here is BE ~ we are taught who we are. Now I pose the question: how can someone be taught to be? That seems rather silly, right? This reminds me of this line: We are not human doings, but human beings. Then, why are so many of us defined by what we do? In that doing-ness we claim our identity, and if we aren’t doing anything, then we are a waste.

This is what we are taught. Another key word taught. If you are taught everything you know about yourself. Then in essence who are you really?

Interesting question right? I want you to spend some time this week contemplating this statement:

If everything about me was learned, then what did I not learn about myself? 

Pull out your journal and write your answers. What about myself did I not learn, I just know. Why do I need someone or something else to tell me this is who I am?

When I answered this question I wrote:

+ I am a deeply loved child of God – no one taught me that because God is an experience and I have experienced this energy so many times in my life over and over again.

+ I have immense value just because I exist.

+ I am a deeply genuine and kind-hearted human.

Now, I didn’t come to these conclusions over night, but I sure as hell didn’t learn this about myself either. I can say these things about myself because I felt them into knowing by constantly being reminded of my true identity.

This is why we do spiritual work – inner work – personal development work. We want to be reminded of who we really are, what we really are capable of and why the hell we are here? Spiritual work is like peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the core – to realize that you are already whole, loved and magnificent.

All we really have to do is embody more of what makes us feel good because our feel goodness will lead us to what we are all seeking: ourselves.

What you’re seeking for is where you are seeking from. ~ Rumi

I share an exercise in the video for you to lean into more of your truth, more of yourself:

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