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Inner Discovery Project

Inner Discovery Project

Week 11 – High Vibe Living

This past week has been incredibly amazing for me as I celebrate a huge milestone: running a 5k distance! I’ve never been much of a runner, but have always had a huge admiration for the sport. So I decided to challenge my limiting belief…

September 15, 2014
Inner Discovery Project

Week 10 – Shift your Focus + Visualization

I’ve had an incredibly grounding week. I really took my self-care practices seriously, like never before! I listened to my heart. I chose daily to show up and on the days I didn’t feel like I did, I forgave myself. Practicing self-care has allowed…

September 8, 2014
Inner Discovery Project

Week 7 – Express your Story

I was watching Finding Joe last night, a documentary on Joseph Campbell and what he calls the Hero’s Journey. I took notes. This is first time ever I’ve taken notes while watching any type of movie, but I felt compelled to. So I did…

August 18, 2014
Inner Discovery Project

Week 6 – Owning Your Power

We are half way into the project now that its week six! I’ve learned quite a bit these past five weeks about myself. Here is what I’ve learned: 1. Growth is a journey without a destination, but making the choice to grow is choosing…

August 11, 2014
Inner Discovery Project

Week 5 – Being-ness + Blissipline

We are into month two of the project now! We’ve gotten through four weeks + prep week in which we’ve defined our intentions, who we want to be in the world, how we can show up for ourselves, looked at our resistances/fears in the…

August 4, 2014
Inner Discovery Project

Week 2 – How to Show Up for Yourself

It’s week two of the Inner Discovery Project and this week is all about showing up for yourself. So what does showing up for yourself entail? It means becoming tuned into the frequency at which you want to vibrate (after all you are energy…

July 14, 2014
Inner Discovery Project

Week 1 – Letting go of your Struggle Story

Today we begin this project towards authentic expression and unleashing your potential. Thank you to everyone who has joined along to do this project with me. I am so excited and thrilled to share this experience with you, as we support and learn from…

July 7, 2014
Inner Discovery Project

Inner Discovery Project

What seemed like a normal journaling session turned into a profound realization and ignited within me a reason to know, discover and be more of myself. I was journaling about my dreams and desires, what I want to create for myself and who I…

July 2, 2014