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My Journey

My Journey

Standing at a Crossroads

A letter I wrote to myself. Dear Kajal, I don’t care about what you should have done or could have done in the past. I care about what you can do now. This is where all your power is. Your way out is from…

May 2, 2017
My Journey

Fear is Fake

Iโ€™ve had the itch recently to start writing again daily. To share everything I am learning, experiencing and understanding about life and myself. I really donโ€™t know what I am going to write about as I type these words. I am just letting thoughts…

April 18, 2017
My Journey Well-Being

Reflections and Learnings from 2016

As this year comes to a close I am reflecting on all that has happened and come about, but most importantly how I have grown. One of my core values is growth and expansion – to constantly be evolving, transforming and learning. I am…

December 29, 2016
My Journey

Be the Lighthouse

I know you’ve probably heard this phrase before: Be the Lighthouse, but what does it exactly mean? Earlier this afternoon I was going through the content I have created both on youtube and here on my website. The views, the likes, the comments are…

April 24, 2016
My Journey

Your Limitless Ability to Create Whatever You Want

A field full of blooming flowers danced in the wind as the sea breeze trickled up my nose. A few minutes prior an impromptu hike was decided and here I was walking on a beaten path heading towards the ocean. In just a few…

April 18, 2016
My Journey

My Journey From Hate to Love

Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is illusion.ย  -Brennan Manning Since I’ve started this platform where I help you live a whole life and do my part in elevating consciousness, I’ve felt very vulnerable…

February 21, 2016
My Journey

Your Mess is Your Message

As I sat on the floor sobbing heavily wanting an answer for the shit storm I found myself at the center of, I realized that my life is a huge mess. The mess felt like a room where everything had been ransacked and there…

February 10, 2016
My Journey

It Feels so Damn Good to be Here Now

I haven’t written anything in a while.ย My mind feels stale, blank as if though my creativity has left me. I like to imagine creativity as a blooming flower. Infusing it with my breathe as I cheer it on. You can do this, your beauty…

January 19, 2016
My Journey

Be Blessed. Be Beautiful. Be You.

It’ll be my birthday in exactly a month from today. I’ll be turning 27 years old. Looking back I cannot believe I am already here, approaching my later 20’s. As I approach a new age, I cannot help but reminisce the past 6 years…

January 4, 2016