1:1 Coaching

Are you ready for a holy shift?

✔ I help you be your truth, feel your wholeness and ignite your power

✔ I help you see all that is possible and available for you

✔ I help you access your innate wisdom and divinity

✔ I help you have a holy shift and set yourself free

What is a Holy Shift?

A radical inner transformation from the old self to the new self, from fear to love. To come into alignment and harmony with your truth, your power and your divinity.

To have a holy shift you choose to take responsibility for everything. This means to take charge of your life and recognize that everything is a reflection of your state of being, and that you have the power to change your state being now.

This coaching program is for the willing and ready: 

▢ Die to your past and all the bullshit

▢ Birth and Be your new self rooted in love, light, truth

▢ Live with clarity, a sense of purpose and be pulled by a vision of your truth

▢ Tune into your inner guidance and connect with the Divine

▢ Honor, love and accept the fullness of who you are and feel proud of yourself

▢ Live your values and expand into your life vision

Holy Shift Process 

The way I coach is unique and grounded to cut through the bullshit. It is based in wholeness.

✔ It’s time to love you

✔ It’s time to feel whole

✔  It’s time accept all of you

✔ It’s time to die to your limiting story

✔ It’s time to know your power

✔ It’s time to believe in you

If you’ve found yourself here, it’s because your Soul is guiding you back to your truth. My job is to be the mirror, a reflection holding the space for you to see your truth, your light and your power – to help you be fully alive now.

The space and time we share together is sacred. It’s a time for healing. Healing is unlearning who you are not, to be who you are. You will have a shift in each session and you will leave each session feeling lighter and freer. You will feel more grounded, have more clarity, a deep sense of confidence and knowing of your power. You will have a holy shift!

Coaching Program 

3 month Holy Shift

We will begin with a 90 minute deep dive session. I want to hear your story, spill it all. I want you to feel heard, seen and acknowledged for whatever you bring into this session, I am here for you.

➝ 4 weekly 60 minute video sessions for month 1

➝ (3) 60 minute video sessions for months 2 and 3

➝ (1) 30 minute progress call per month

➝ Follow-up email after each session with notes, action steps, homework

➝ Email access support in-between session

➝ Access to additional resources as may apply, i.e. books, videos, etc.

Your investment: $2,595

*3 monthly payments of $865

Client Success Stories

Meeting Kajal and working with her during these past two months has been incredibly enlightening! From the first 30 minutes I talked with her, I felt guided and in safe hands and knew that we were meant to meet. In these past months, I have achieved so much understanding of myself, of my desires for my private and professional life, and I have been able to bring to my awareness and go beyond so many fears and blocks. Most importantly, she shared with me the tools to continue empowering myself everyday even after our coaching sessions ended. After every session with Kajal I felt enlightened and amazingly empowered. Each week, she gave me homework, in the form of affirmations, journaling, love letters, meditations, and articles to read, and I could email her or text her at any time and any answers she had were always so helpful and supportive. She always made sure we covered all that was on my mind during each session and we unravelled way deeper issues in my life than I originally thought. I was so confused about how to go for what I wanted when I met her, and today I moved to the city I always wanted to live in, starting a life I desire and embracing my truth more than ever. Today I feel so empowered and alive knowing that everything IS possible. So thank you Kajal for everything you did, you are the MIRACLE I was waiting for. Europe is in great needs of miracles and is waiting for you. All my Love!

Virginie V

Kajal gave me a safe space where I could let my guard down and open up. I was able to feel vulnerable and she was completely available to me in every sense. She has a great way of validating and confirming what I already knew in my heart. I could tell Kajal cares and truly listens to her clients because she was 100% connected with me during our session. I really appreciated that I was not judged but instead lifted up by her kind and warm words. I would highly recommend her as a coach because she had guided me and gave me so much clarity that I needed at this point in my life. After listening to the recording over again, I felt a deep appreciation and wonderful gratitude for the hour we spent together. The work she does for others will surely impact their lives, because I have experienced it first hand. Kajal has a very warm and grounding personality. Her ability to relate and include her own real life experiences was what did it for me. The work she does is so meaningful and was definitely the catalyst that helped me turn my life around.

Lorraine R

Are you ready for your holy shift? Then, book a Discovery Call to learn about the coaching program, ask any questions, ensure we’re a good match and that this program is a fit for you.