The One Thing that will Allow You to Feel True Inner Peace

October 18, 2015


When we think of self-care we think of a day at the spa, getting a pedicure or even a massage. Those are great ways to unwind and relax, but how often do we partake in self-care for our inner well-being?

You know the stuff we much rather not deal with, but are still holding onto because we want a resolution. We don’t know how to come to a resolution because we aren’t able to get past what happened.

What happened could have been a breakup, getting fired, gaining 20 pounds or the constant battle with trying to kick an addiction that is not serving us.

Somehow we are holding ourselves or another person accountable for what happened and because of that we cannot let it go. We cannot find a way to move beyond the pain or challenge that we are dealing with.

This is where a self-care practice helps to restore our inner well-being and create the space for us to make sense of it all.

We can meditate. Write it out. Talk to a trusted friend. Get our chakras balanced. Go to a retreat. Do a cleanse.

…but the one thing that will allow us feel true inner peace is:


We can forgive. Radical deep forgiveness.

When we forgive ourselves or another for what happened, we reclaim our peace.

We don’t do it for them, we do it for ourselves. Why? Because we are choosing to take care of our inner well-being. We are responsible for the space we live in. It’s up to us always how we feel and think about anything.

When we forgive we choose to stop being at war. Being at war with yourself or anyone doesn’t feel good. By practicing forgiveness we make amends firstly with ourselves and then, with another.

Forgiveness sets you free so you can be at peace with yourself.

In this video I share why forgiveness is the best self-care practice:

Your turn,

Will you forgive yourself or another? Focus on how it will make you feel.

Be patient. Be gentle. Be kind.

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