How to Accept Your Weight Gain

October 31, 2014


Weight gain. Upon hearing these words a sense of heaviness automatically sets in, as we try to make meaning how did this happen? What went wrong, how did I steer myself down this path and why does my body not look good?

Accepting your weight gain is to fully surrender to what your body looks like right now. Remember, just like the changing leaves, sunsets, sunrises, flowers blooming and dying, snow falling and melt, your weight too will change. Why worry about something that is temporary? It’s only permanent if you decide its going to be.

In this video I talk about how you can begin to accept the weight you’ve gained and in doing so you can make peace with the way your body looks.

Mentioned in the video:

1. Use this affirmation: I choose to celebrate my body and I choose to see it with love. Put it on a post and stick to your mirror. Every time a negative remark, thought or criticism comes up towards your body, say this out loud to yourself instead.

2. You aren’t fat, you have fat. We can’t be grateful for all the things our body does for us and all the things we do with it, until we change our attitude. Instead, of feeling shameful or unhappy about the way our body looks, we can practice gratitude and appreciation towards it. By doing this we are celebrating and respecting our body.

3. Happiness is a state of mind, not a number on the scale.

4. Choose to nourish your body. You are literally made up of what you eat!

5. Be gentle, kind, compassionate, loving and support to yourself. The weight will come off, once we can ease up on how we treat our bodies. The more we show respect for our body through nourishing it, moving it and celebrating it the more our body can do for us.

6. Stop waiting for a number on the scale or for you to look a certain way to give yourself permission to be happy. If you can’t be happy today, how can you be happy tomorrow? Happiness is a moment by moment choice and you can choose to be happy regardless of how you look.

Tell me how have you accepted your weight gain and made peace with it?

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