How to Change Your Circumstances

April 28, 2017

It’s a beautiful afternoon, there is a cool breeze in the air, the mountains are standing tall in their full glory and I am sitting in the sun typing these words.

I just got done with an acupuncture treatment and I am finally understanding what could be the cause of the recent spells of headaches, dizziness and pain I’ve been feeling in my head.

These past few weeks have been tough emotionally and physically. My body needs some major TLC and I’ve had to slow down a lot. I am someone who never gets sick and I’ve always had spectacular health. I would like to keep it this way – so I am making major adjustments that will support a thriving and flourishing body.

One of those adjustments is self-love. It’s what helped heal my depression, suicidal tendencies and my relationship with life and myself.

Self-love has taken a huge front seat in my life, again. I am realizing that it should always be in the front seat because it is the thing that heals everything.

Self-love is the cure for everything. The more I love myself, the more love I give to myself…the better I feel. No brainer here!

Our bodies hear everything we tell it, and when we say I love you, I accept you, I approve of you – we are literally feeding life-giving, loving, healing nourishment to our cells. They respond according to the way we feel about ourselves.

Joe Dispenza says, that if our thoughts can make us sick, then our thoughts can heal us too.

How so you ask?

Well, it is very easy to affirm what is not wrong with our body and proclaim the dis-ease our body has. We are often so quick to keep ourselves in this state of despair and dis-ease because we base how we feel upon circumstances.

What if we decided to affirm what is right and what is working?

We can choose how we feel independent of circumstances.

This is the super power that most of us do not take advantage of at all! When you live knowing how you feel CAN BE independent of WHAT IS GOING ON, WHAT IS HAPPENING – you take our power back. You come into alignment with your truth as the Divine.

I am not gonna lie, it has been hard for me to affirm perfect health and well-being when my head is spinning because all I notice is the uncomfortable feeling I am experiencing. In these moments, it is so easy to base how I feel on what is happening or even feel hopeless or question if my head will ever get better.

What I have learned to do is accept what is. In acceptance of what is, we stop resisting what is. We melt into, instead of be harden. We humans are like clay, we can either let a circumstance harden us and confine us OR we can let it soften us and expand us.

We can soften and expand what is by seeing with love.

I send love to what is – the thing that is creating dis-ease. In my case, my head.

I say: I love you, I accept you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing me where I am resisting love. Thank you for the gift of learning to love myself even more unconditionally.

When we do this, we take our power back. We choose to go beyond circumstances, we choose to empower ourselves despite our current circumstance of the body or of our life.

This way of true inner healing is not a one time done deal. You have to keep practicing until it becomes new norm. Just like we practice the violin over and over until our fingers upon the strings create beautiful harmonic sounds.

The key is to practice a new feeling even when the way we’ve been feeling is easier to choose. This is when change can truly happen. We create enough space within us – call it empowerment, alignment, willpower – for a different energy to gain momentum. Then, circumstances have to change to match the new state of being.

The thing you are actually in charge of is your state of being. The thing you are actually not in charge of is circumstances. That is why it feels like such a struggle or challenge to actually change circumstances! We are taught to change the outside then, the inside will change. To become magicians of our circumstances by learning to mold it into exactly what we desire to then, finally feel how we truly want to. This takes way too long and plus it’s way more work than necessary.

If only that person would ask me out on a date then, I can feel desirable. If only I got a raise from my boss then, I can feel rich. If only I didn’t have this dis-ease then, I can feel healthy.

You’ve heard it plenty of times. I’ll be happy once I have a soulmate partner. I’ll be rich once I have a million dollars. I’ll be healthy once I finish this treatment.

This is saying that your circumstances are more powerful than your state of being. When in fact your state of being is what created those circumstances in the first place.

Don’t you think that your feelings of inadequacies about yourself has everything to do with why you try to constantly prove yourself to people? Don’t you think you feeling ugly about yourself has something to with no matter how much make-up you put on, you still don’t like who you see in the mirror? Don’t you think you feeling unworthy about yourself has something to do with why you can’t receive a compliment? Don’t you think you telling yourself constantly I’m lonely has something to do with why you can’t have deep enriching relationships?

It has everything to DO with what you’re experiencing aka the circumstances. You can try and try and try and try to change circumstances in hopes it’ll change how you feel, but it’s a long strenuous uphill climb with no mountain top in sight.

Or you can decide to change your internal condition, the only thing you can control. It’s a lot easier to change a condition than to change a circumstance.

We often don’t see that the connection between our state of BEING, which is equal to how we FEEL about ourselves, what we THINK about ourselves has EVERYTHING to do with how we experience our lives.

Once you truly get this – not just as a concept, but as a deep inner knowing. You will never wait for a circumstance to change before you give yourself the permission and space to change how you feel.

Therefore, to change any circumstance, you change the root – the state of being, the feeling which created that circumstance. You uproot it all together, and plant a new seed with your choice of feeling or state of being.

And you practice this new feeling like your life depends on it. Because it does. Any change you want to see on the outside comes from changing the inside, changing how you feel firstly about yourself. 

You are more capable, more beautiful, more worthy, more deserving, more abundant than you know yourself to be. The way to know this is to change how you’ve always known or thought of yourself. This is your gift to yourself. This your gift to humanity.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

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