How to Let Go of What Others Put Upon You

September 10, 2015

Take a deep breathe.

Know that what others put upon you is not yours to have or take, but a projection of their own inner reality.

What others put upon you is their own ‘stuff’ based on their life experiences.

If it doesn’t align with your sense of self then you don’t have to make it yours.

For me my parents triggered me the most. I always took to heart what they would say to me. What they thought of me mattered so much that I was always in pleasing mode. How can I be a better daughter, student, show them I am responsible and mature?

I molded myself into what they expected from me and put upon me because I thought pleasing them was the way I would get their love.

However, I was always left burnt out, emotionally unstable and overwhelmed because I couldn’t keep up with it all. I didn’t want to have to work so hard to just ‘get’ love.

When I understood that the only person I needed to truly ‘get’ love from was me, then I didn’t have to seek it from anyone else.

By loving ourselves, we open up to beingย loved by others.

If what others put upon you depletes your energy and you’re compromising who you are just to make someone else happy then, it is NOT serving you, but someone else.

Let it go.

When you let go, you release what doesn’t serve you.


In this video I share how to let go of what others put upon you.

Affirm: I choose to not identify with what others put upon me, it is a gift I give to myself.

Be patient. Be gentle. Be kind.

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