How to Trust the Universe

April 13, 2017

Trust is something we all need to practice more, specially trust in the Universe and in ourself. We are often so quick to trust in fear, than to trust in the wisdom of love and light.

Both fear and faith both require you to trust in something you can’t see. It’s up to you to decide which you’ll choose.

To choose trust always feels better, than to choose fear or worry. Yet we continue to choose fear.

We can change unconscious behaviors by simply asking ourselves: How does this make me feel? When we make what is unconscious and make it conscious, then we have the power to choose differently.

Plus this is also empowering!

To trust in the Universe is to make a conscious choice, DAILY.

Feel the fear, but choose the faith. Because it feels better.

I started a new series called #AskaLifeCoach where I answer your questions in a video. This is the first video, where I dive deep into how to trust the Universe:

Journaling questions to go deeper:

What does trust feel like?

What is my relationship with myself like?

What is my relationship with the Universe like?

A great read on this topic is the book, The Universe Has Your Back.

Be gentle. Be patient. Be kind.

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