I Believe Manifesto: a proclamation of everything I believe to be true

August 13, 2014

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Each time I would walk into my co-worker’s office I would notice the word “Believe” everywhere. She had a giant statue of the word plus a million other things that had the word written on it. This got me very intrigued and curious about her relationship with this word. So I asked her. She told me that it’s a very powerful word that she resonated with, and that everyone believes in something. At that point in time I said oh awesome and continued about my day. The words I saw that day in her office and what she told me didn’t register or process until yesterday when I had a mini meltdown about my life situation.

That day came flooding into my conscious mind. I hadn’t thought about what happened on that day two years ago until yesterday. And this time it really moved me and something clicked.

Believe is a powerful word. It’s you declaring yourself to the Universe and saying, “Hey Universe, I believe this and I stand by this”. So the Universe then, reflects back what you believe through experiences. This got me thinking about what I believe and what I choose to believe in. Here is my I BELIEVE MANIFESTO: a proclamation of everything I believe to be true. Write your own manifesto. Put it somewhere you can read it everyday and each night before bed read it out loud to yourself. Then, take a minute to close your eyes and bathe in the energy. Finish with saying, “and it is so”. What you believe is the upmost important statement you make about yourself to the Universe. So ask yourself: Are my beliefs aligned to who I really am?

I believe in LOVE. I believe in the sunshine that peaks through on a gloomy day. I believe that the world is a kind and compassionate place. I believe in heart-centered conversations. 

I believe in being honest with yourself. I believe in miracles. I believe you have to be the change you want to see in the world. I believe in freedom. I believe in passionately loving your life.

I BELIEVE in the Universe. I believe that we’re capable of actualizing our potential if we just commit. I believe in MYSELF. I believe that animals just want to be loved, not eaten.

I believe in the human potential. I believe in being the LIGHT. I believe that everyday has something good in it. I believe in the flowers that effortlessly bloom. I believe in the beauty of lit up eyes who look at the world with wonder. I believe in gratitude. I believe in blessings.

I believe in giving love and receiving love. I believe in compliments. I believe there is enough. I I believe I am enough. I believe in kindness. I believe in growth. I believe in pushing beyond what someone has told you your limits are. I believe in questioning.

I believe in seeking out your own answers. I believe in a wild heart full of adventure. I believe in following your bliss. I believe that the truth will set you free. I believe in showing up fully even when you’re scared. I believe in spreading love. I believe in acceptance. I believe in creating your own path. I believe in respecting your body. I believe in a good hard cry.

I believe in falling in love with yourself. I believe in setting yourself free. I believe in the beauty of dreams. I believe in saying thank you as your prayer. I believe in you. I believe in oneness.


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  • Reply Kevin Earner January 14, 2015 at 8:22 am

    Thank you!!! For sharing your beautiful heart and soul… You charge me up for the day like moon light… I cant believe you exist… Not only a female guru but a real guru… I bet like me you evolved… And for me i needed to visit india at age 27… So please tell… Which country did you have the defining experience in that led you to be the Kajal you are right now? If it wasnt india then please suprise us… And we will go there too 😉 It couldnt be usa or europe because too much electricity and wireless energy, blocks the heart… Your so special and i know what the world would be like if everyone was like you. You might of crossed the axis mundi… Gaining control means the universe listens <3

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