5 Ways to Illuminate your Life

March 24, 2015

A while ago I had written in my journal a few things I wanted to remind myself to do daily. When I sat down to write, the word illuminate came to me and I’ve always been incredibly drawn to this word. As I started writing the words flew through the pen, and this is what I had written:


Illuminate your inner world, as you do that your outer world will illuminate itself.

These words resonated with me so much! It helped me to understand that the glow that we see on people’s face is not because they have their ‘shit’ together, but because they have stepped into their light and are allowing their light to illuminate their life even though they don’t have their ‘shit’ together.

The world you see is a reflection of the world within you.

Your world is only a perception based on the world you dwell within. The more we turn inward and focus on our inner landscape, we will realize that our internal condition is reflecting our external experiences.

In this video I share with you 5 ways to let your illuminate your life:

1. Treasure your magnificence

We are taught very early in life to question our magnificence. Who are we to be magnificent? I can’t be magnificent, I have so many flaws and I suck at just about everything. We always focus on what’s wrong with us and how we can deny ourselves. However, when we choose to focus on our magnificence and realize that we are indeed magnificent Beings because we are infinite Spirit, then we will allow ourselves to treasure it.

2. Appreciate everything

It’s not what you see that affects you, but how you interpret it.

You can look at the sun and think gosh it’s making me squint and hurting my eyes or you can look at the sun and appreciate its light because it’s helping life thrive on this planet. When we start appreciating everything in our lives, we are choosing to bless our lives.

3. Make thank you your prayer

This is the only prayer that you need to ever say. Saying daily thanks for your life and your experiences will help you feel more appreciative of your life and your magnificence. Thank you is a never ending thanksgiving which you can always celebrate if you harness the attitude of gratitude.

4. Live fully and authentically

You are here to express your authentic expression. That means do you and live your life on your terms. Do the thing that is your joy. When you are fully living as your authentic self,  you have chosen to honor and celebrate yourself.

5. Enjoy time and love the journey

Life is impermanence. The only thing that is guaranteed in life is death and the only thing that is permanent is you – your Spirit. We don’t die when this body dies, we continue to live. We just transition into another form. When we accept this fact about our reality, we can give up our need to know everything. We can enjoy our time here and love the journey in awareness that this time space reality is very temporary.

Be patient. Be gentle. Be kind.

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