Manifest Your Desire by Letting it Happen

June 9, 2017

It’s a gorgeous day here in the mountains. I am sitting outside on my porch enjoying the cool breeze and the smell of blooming roses. I just had an acupuncture treatment and ate a delicious salad with tahini dressing (my favorite).

Yesterday, I sent out a newsletter sharing how I manifested my new home, and I thought it be great to share it in a blogpost exactly how it all unfolded because seriously it is miraculous!

Some would say I got lucky, but I say I deliberately created my reality by following a very simple process. Manifesting what you desire is a skill, the more your practice it the better you get at it. Start small and work your way up to bigger things.

Every time I decide I want something, I take myself through a process of getting aligned to my desire.

Step 1. Get very very very very clear on what you want. Not kind of clear, I mean crystal clear!

Step 2. Ask for what you want. I like to write mine out in writing. This helps me feel good because I can see what was a thought in my head, now manifested into my physical reality as a sentence.

Step 3. Allow. This is the step where most of us run in trouble because this means to completely TRUST, BELIEVE and KNOW that you can have what you are asking for. When you truly trust what you’ve asked for is coming to you – then your allowing it to come to you. But when you are doubting, trying to figure it out, measuring probabilities and possibilities of it happening or not feeling good about what you desire because you feel underserving, unworthy, incapable, under-qualified, etc; then you ARE NOT allowing it to come.

Here is the KEY: the better you are feeling about what you desire, the more aligned you are and the more you are allowing it to manifest. The work isn’t about taking action, it is about alignment. There is no action you can take to compensate for the lack of alignment – this creates struggle!

This is the process I took myself through when I was looking for a new home. Everything in my reality told me it wasn’t happening. I went and looked at two homes. One the location was perfect, but the apartment was not up to my liking. The ego was screaming at me, Kajal – this is not the time to be fussy, you need a place to live within 24 hours. You have to take this place, there aren’t other places to live out there. You can’t take a risk now! I acknowledged what my mind said, but I DIDN’T LISTEN TO IT. Instead, I said nope this is not the place and kept trusting that the perfect place to live will find it’s way to me.

Then, I went to a fancy apartment complex with amenities far out of town. The apartment was really nice and the location I didn’t like as much, but I could work with. However, the process to take this apartment had way too many upfront costs and corporate structure that felt like a struggle. It didn’t feel easy, I knew that if the process doesn’t feel easy, then I am not aligned to my desire. So again, I said no to this place, with only 12 hours left to find a place to live.

What I did afterwards, some would say absurd, but as Abraham says, getting into my vortex. I watched netflix, ate food and took a nap!

Then, when I woke up I had the inspiration to check my local community Facebook group and voila, there was a new listing for an apartment exactly in my budget, exactly the kind of apartment I wanted to live in and in the perfect location with an independent home-owner who just wanted to rent out her condo with no strings attached!

This is what it feels like to live in alignment with your desire and your truth! It is easy. It is effortless. It happens quickly! It feels good!

When I work with my clients, I help them hone on their manifesting skills so they create lives they love because it really is supposed to be no other way! I just shared with you a result I created in my own life and I can help you to create your own results for things you desire, but you have to willing to drop the bullshit and limiting stories that are costing you and keeping you stuck.

You are capable of so much more, and you are deserving of so much more and you have to choose this over all the other bullshit you believe in. Because you are worth a better life – a life you love and being in love with yourself, your truth!

I have spots still open for 1:1 coaching with me, and I want to work with you to help you drop the fuckin’ struggle story of bullshit, limitation, unworthiness, your past and everything that is holding you back from THRIVING in life. I am here to help you have a HOLY SHIFT!

Working with me – you will see results because I bring it all to every session with clients. I don’t hold back – so you don’t have to hold yourself back anymore. If you’re committed, willing and open, then book a free discovery call to talk to me about coaching with me. I am here to support, to hold the vision of you wholeness and truth.

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  • Reply Chevanie July 7, 2017 at 2:12 am

    Dear Kajal,

    Once youve written what you desire or want to attract in your life. Do you have to read it daily or only trust and believe

    • Reply Kajal Pandey July 7, 2017 at 3:49 pm

      Let it go, trust and believe that it is already yours.

  • Reply chevanie July 8, 2017 at 1:28 am

    thank you kajal! Your so inspirational

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