Meditation for Loving + Accepting Yourself

July 5, 2015

The first time I did this meditation was back in Spring of 2014 and I was immediately hooked! I felt my heart open like never before as the tears trickled down my cheeks. I knew I was on to something! I decided right then to take this meditation on as my 40 day sadhana {spiritual practice}. Some days it was hard to go beyond the resistance I felt because as we expand into knowingness of Self, our Ego will try to make us stop because it knows we are onto something. As we do this we strength our spiritual muscles. Resistance is just telling us that we are getting stronger!

At that point in my life, I was really working on my self-loathing and self-hating tendencies. Like any addict I was addicted to hating on myself and I needed to stop. If I was ever going to love myself, then I had to begin by stopping the hate.  I stumbled upon this quote one day: You can’t hate your way into loving yourself. 

It spoke to me and a lightbulb went off in my head. Loving yourself is all about understanding the thoughts you think about yourself. Then, consciously reaching for a better feeling thought in that moment. Ask yourself: What thought can I reach for right now that will feel better? This is where using an affirmation is great because its shifts your perception to choosing love.



Remember a spiritual practice isn’t a cure to anything! It only serves as a catalyst for healing to occur and help you reclaim your power and identity as the WHOLE one.

In this video I share my experience with this meditation as my 40 day sadhana practice:

Here is the guided video for this meditation:

My intention is that this meditation will help you to elevate your self- perception as you choose self-love + self-acceptance. Sat Nam!

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Stay open,


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