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Reflections and Learnings from 2016

December 29, 2016

As this year comes to a close I am reflecting on all that has happened and come about, but most importantly how I have grown.

One of my core values is growth and expansion – to constantly be evolving, transforming and learning. I am a student of life and this year I’ve learned many new and wonderful lessons.

Projection makes perception

We live realities where we are constantly perceiving, but what is creating what we perceive? Our projection. You see life is a like a motion picture. You’re the projector creating what you see on the screen aka ‘reality’. What you project depends on what you believe, what you feel and what you know.

We look inside first and decide what kind of world we want to see and then we project that world outside making it the truth as we see it. – A Course in Miracles

I learned this lesson big time this year! I spent 7 months living out of a suitcase as my entire life crumbled ~ things fell apart to fall together. I saw more clearly that what I was perceiving as my life is only a reflection of what is going on within me. Your life is a reflection of your inner state of being. If you don’t like what you see ~ change your inner state of being. This is what makes you a powerful creator! You perceive your projections and you can choose to change the projections anytime. As this year closes, I am finally settling into a new home, in a town I love being in and doing the work I came here to do. I got here because I understood that my projections make my perception.

Your truth will always feel good

I feel so passionate about helping people live their truth, and actualize who they really are because this is your gift to the planet. We’re all living truths that don’t belong to us. They were imposed upon us or we borrowed them. We don’t realize this and that is why we search and seek for truth.

If you’re living a truth that isn’t yours, you’ll automatically know by tuning into your heart because it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, you have a truth that is your highest authentic expression and if you don’t claim it, you’ll never feel good. Your truth is yours and it is what will set you free. Stop the search by realizing that your truth – whatever it may be – will always feel good!

I realized that my whole entire existence thus far has been about this search to claim my truth and unapologetically be it, without shame. My truth is that I am a beloved child of the Universe, I am worthy, I am valuable, I am immensely loved, I am a teacher, I am a guide, I am a Lightworker, I am here to help humanity move from darkness into light, I am here to help people live their truth as they fully accept and love themselves.

You are whole and complete as you are right now. 

If I could convey the most important thing to you – the above statement is it. I was sitting in meditation one day when my True Self posed this question: What if you accept the fullness and wholeness of yourself as you are right now. Then, what?

Well, then I would stop searching, I would stop needing to be validated, I would stop needing to feel worthy enough, valuable enough, capable enough, loved enough, awesome enough. I would just relax. I would just feel better. I would no longer hold onto the hot rod that is burning my hand – I would ease the pain by taking my hand off. I would just choose to feel the fullness and wholeness of who I am as my truth. I wouldn’t care if no one else saw me as this, because I do! This is what truly matters. I accept I am whole and complete as I am right now – this stops me needing to have approval from you, from all that is external. Here lies peace.

I did a whole video on this as my self-love statement, which I say everyday because it brings me back to my truth. You can watch this video here.

Everything is Possible

This is the only way I want to live my life ~ knowing that quite literally everything is possible. All possibilities exist, because we live in an infinite Universe. This expansive way of living is not for the fickle ego mind, which is only convinced of it’s limitedness and lack. This is the way of the warrior, the empowered Soul who knows infinity is the container for all existence.

I had crazy things transpire for me because I believe everything is possible, like finding a place to live last minute when I moved to a new city that I had never been to or when magically money appeared into my bank account or when I found the perfect apartment to live in a city where the rent is crazy high or when I connected with random strangers who became like family.

You know why everything is possible? Because this is how I choose to perceive my projections ~ with infinite possibilities.

You are always responsible for how you feel.

This is your superpower.

I started the year off writing about this when I published my first Huffington Post article, read here. And throughout the year, I kept this close awareness as a way to determine my vibration and frequency. How I feel is the greatest source of my misery or the greatest source of my joy, because I am always in charge of my feelings.

When I give up power to external circumstances, people, events, experiences, systems, etc. I feel powerless and victimized. I believe something outside of me dictates how I feel, and I live life in knee-jerk reactions. But when I take responsibility to choose how I feel regardless of what is – I claim my power and I live as a conscious participant of my life. Plus, this feel so much better!

Using this superpower will take practice because it is not how we are programmed or brought up. So as you go into 2017, take this on as your habit and practice: to consciously choose how you will feel. Begin each day asking yourself: How do I want to feel today? This will change the course of your life and your life experiences!

Mantra: I am in charge of how I feel. Heck Ya!

Mantra: I am whole and complete as I am. Yes!

Mantra: Everything is possible. Of course!

Mantra: My truth always feel good. Always!

Mantra: I perceive what I project. Indeed!

Remember only you hold the power to live your own story.

Your turn,

What are you letting go of in 2016, and what are you welcoming in 2017?

Stay open.

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    “Stop the search by realizing that your truth – whatever it may be – will always feel good!” – Awesome!

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