What I Want to Say to My Younger Self

July 9, 2015


If you could speak to your younger self, what would you say? I would say thank you for not giving up on me. Why? At one point I wanted to end my life because I couldn’t bear to live anymore. I was tired of feeling disconnected from everyone and everything. I had no meaning in my life and I felt meaningless. I think that is what drives a pure soul to the verge of self inflicted harm because they are looking for meaning in a world they feel can’t give it. That is how I felt, but I am so thankful for the voice that kept telling me to keep going. Those two words have now become my life mantra.

Whatever happens or doesn’t happens, all I can do is keep going because I want to know how this story, my story ends.

If you are feeling inner strife right now chances are it stems from a history of unconscious sabotaging behaviors. Write yourself a forgiveness letter and record yourself talking to your younger self. What would you want say to the younger you? Start with, I love you, and see what flows through you. You will feel amazing and lighter!


In the video below, I share what I want my younger self to know:

What would you say to your younger self?

Be patient. Be gentle. Be kind.

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