Self-Love Workshops




I am passionate about self-love because it healed my relationship with myself and changed my life. I share with you two of my most impactful online self-love workshops.

Workshop 1 | Self-Love as Empowerment 

I share:

♡ Why loving yourself allows you to become the person you desire to be

♡ How loving yourself can transform your life

♡ The two choices we can make everyday to create change

♡ An easy exercise to do to know your power

♡ What self-love means and how to have a better relationship with yourself

♡ Why everything in your life is a reflection of your internal condition

♡ How to have a better relationship with your body and accept it

♡ What causes us to hate who we are, become our insecurities and look for approval

♡ How to love yourself right now

♡ How the inner wounded child is still contaminating your life today

♡ How to stop being the victim and start being empowered

♡ Exercises, tools and tips to implement so you can get started right away

 Bonus: I share my relationship with myself from rock bottom to where I am now

Workshop 2 | One Thing that is Blocking You From Self-Love

I share:

♡ The THING that is blocking you from loving yourself

♡ What a block really is and how to remove it

♡ How to make a commitment to loving yourself

♡ Why loving yourself can be an easy choice

♡ The process to take yourself through to make loving yourself a choice

♡ Why you should celebrate when you don’t feel good

♡ What it really means to be depressed

♡ Why choosing to feel better is the best way to practice self-love

♡ How to get familiar with your inner self dialogue

♡ Why you have made it so difficult to love yourself

♡ Why the gift of choice is divine and loving 

♡ How to not take what others say personally

♡ Why your truth will always feel good

♡ Why feeling good is the way to self-love

♡ How to make affirmations stick

♡ Exercises, tips and tools to implement so you get started right away

And so much more……!

Bonus: Guided Magic Eraser Meditation to cleanse your energy

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