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Standing at a Crossroads

May 2, 2017

A letter I wrote to myself.

Dear Kajal,

I don’t care about what you should have done or could have done in the past. I care about what you can do now. This is where all your power is. Your way out is from where you are now.

You have a choice to make, to live as though your past is more real or to live as though your now is all there is. You’ve been standing at this crossroads for too long, and it is the reason why you suffer. It is the reason why you carry the heaviness of blame, guilt and regret.

Ask yourself is it really helping you or hurting you to carry such a heavy burden. You’ll realize it’s always been hurting you, holding you back, keeping you small and keeping you in the dark. This is going to be the most important choice you’ll make – to die to the old and birth into the new OR keep living as the old and fear the birth of the new.

Now is the time to make this choice. Choose with love. Feel into each choice. Don’t get your head involved, it can’t share with you anything new because it’s a slave to the old, the conditions, the paradigm of what was. Your heart though, it knows the new you. Each day it pumps oxygen filled blood through your body keeping you alive in the faith that you’ll soon realize the reason for your existence, the reason for your human birth and the truth about yourself.

This choice is going to feel hard because you’ve convinced yourself why the past should be kept alive – it is where you think your truth is. It is how you’ve identified yourself as. If that goes then, who you are goes. I know that freaks you out. The past feels more real than the new now that is waiting for you.

The unfamiliarity and unknown of the new you keeps you clinging onto the old you. But it’s time to let go of who you were because it is not who you are. It’s time to birth into who you are because it is who you have always been.

Make the choice. Choose your heart, leap into a homecoming that will be the most precious gift you willย give to yourself. I am here for you on the other side, loving you, supporting you, being here for you because I love you unconditionally.



Everything single word in this letter feels so aligned! I am ready to to make the choice to birth a new me.

Hope this letter serves you to make the choice for yourself too. The planet more than ever now needs people who have come alive, who are ready to live a new paradigm, to birth a new way because life is more than what has always been taught to us. We are more than what we’ve always known ourselves as. It’s now that we choose to go all in and stop pretending that we care about unravellingย the truth about our being. We must choose to BE divine, BE love, BE unconditional, BE limitless, BE empowered, BE light, BE the truthย now.

It is your choice.

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  • Reply Bridget Flynn May 2, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Kajal, that is SUCH a beautiful post. Every word does feel aligned into the new shift you spoke of. It resonates with me deeply. You’ve hit upon something that many people don’t realize they are going through, or needing to go through — the death of the old. The fearful instinct is to hold onto what we know, even though everything inside is screaming for SOMETHING NEW. Thank you for being a guiding light into the new paradigm. I am so excited to see what you’ll do in the next months ๐Ÿ’—

    • Reply Kajal Pandey May 2, 2017 at 11:01 pm

      Thank you so much for being here with me as I go through this, you’re presence, love and support in my life has been a huge blessing! xx

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