Success Stories

Success Stories

I met with Kajal for an hour via Skype and, in short, I was amazed at how much we achieved in such a short space of time. Her presence was warm, kind and wise, yet also grounded and organized – I immediately felt I was in safe hands. Kajal was able to quickly and succinctly pinpoint several key areas that needed some attention. With her prompts, I was almost effortlessly able to turn issues around in my mind and see them from a fresh, inspired perspective. Together, we designed ‘homework’ to keep me on track, and Kajal followed up with emailed notes from the session, plus links to various helpful resources. A week or so later, I am still feeling a sense of what I am calling ‘empowered lightness’ about my life, and I’m loving it!

Pearl B

I consider her a rising star in the soul awakening shift that is occurring in our world today. Kajal is kind and personal, and goes above and beyond in her one on one work. She is wise beyond her years but also is unquestionably prepared and self educated in her chosen career path. She has done the work. What makes Kajal unique from other coaches is the authenticity and genuineness in personality that she brings in combination with her wealth of spiritual knowledge and eagerness to serve, teach and heal. For those who are already following and aligning with Kajal’s message via her blog and videos, this is your chance to connect directly with her as she continues to expand her reach. The direct coaching experience with her is invaluable and will undoubtedly improve your life. For those new to her work and ready to make a shift in their life, go ahead and take the next step with Kajal as your personal guide. You will not be disappointed.

Tim B

It was so refreshing that Kajal was just as open and transparent on our 1 on 1 coaching calls as she is in her videos. I was experiencing a lot of fear around my healing work and Kajal helped me bust through my blocks. Since working her, I’ve been taking more action and feeling much more confident about the work I do in the world. Kajal really knows her stuff, she even coached me through my relationship issues. I feel like she and I were destined to cross paths, she’s a wonderful person, beautiful soul, and a fantastic Life Coach. Working with someone who is so committed to their work was a dream come true and I’d recommend her without a doubt!

Essence T

Kajal is one of the most beautiful souls I have come across along my journey. Her energy is pure and genuine. Through sharing her own journey, deep spiritual insights and knowledge, and various techniques, she helps you to step out of fear and step into love; to fully embrace your true essence and live to your full potential. Kajal is a true light-worker that can help transform your life, regardless of what stage of your journey you are at.

I was guided to Kajal when I really needed guidance in my life. Kajal has this amazing ability to really go from within and see what is really going on in that present situation. Connecting with Kajal is like connecting with a good friend who understands you and helps you see what you cannot at that precise moment. I’m very grateful to have been guided to her for she helped me open my eyes that I have everything and all I have is within and that is love.

Jamie S

Kajal has a unique way of meeting people where they are and challenging them to dig deeper inside themselves so that they are open to receive the utmost positive energy and truth. Working with her encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone by analyzing parts of myself that I typically ignore due to fear of facing the truth and that is: I absolutely have the right to be loved and receive great things! I highly recommend Kajal’s coaching for she brings an energy and understanding that is unmatched. I look forward to working with Kajal more in the future for it is an investment in my soul, mind, and spirit.

Mykesha J

Kajal, really listens and comprehends what your saying. She identifies areas of growth and helps you create a plan to succeed. With her life experience and expertise she gives you tools that put you in a position to elevate. She is phenomenal because her simplistic approach gives you hope that you can overcome challenges and rise to any occasion.

Elaine G

I very much enjoyed having Kajal as my life coach. She is very passionate about life and helping people. When she coached me she did not just treated me as a client, but also as a close friend. I felt very close to her and able to share what I was going through. I have learned many ways to organize my thoughts and habits with her help.  Even though she is very young she has been through a lot and gained so much spiritual life tools and tips that will assist anyone to become the best version of themselves. Kajal is very inspiring and what she shares inspires me everyday. I highly recommend Kajal to anyone that is seeking to expand.

Lathan K

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