That Spacious Place Within You Where All Self-Love Exists

November 30, 2016

img_7389 It’s time to use your power.

Spoke the voice of love within me.

For years I’ve played small, victimized and doubted every ounce of my truth. I have become so sick of living with this identity. I feel like I am shedding my skin, emerging from a cocoon, a flower in process of full bloom.

I am ready to retire this self that is addicted to suffering and struggle. Suffering and struggle is a choice when I believe in the littleness, limits and invalidation of myself.

The voice of love spoke again.

I see an empowered woman who knows what she wants out of life and is committed to living a life rooted in her truth and power.

Power means to choose love over limitedness.

You are already whole and complete within. You don’t need to go seeking and searching outside of you to make whole again. What if it’s about being in that spacious place within you where all self-love exists and thrives?

All the love you seek is already within you. 

I’ve come to realize that when I don’t listen to the voice of love I suffer and I struggle, because I’ve listened to the voice of fear.

This has become so distinct for me. The voice of love feels good. The voice of fear doesn’t feel good. Our feelings always tell us which voice we’re listening to.

I’ve also realized that the self that is addicted to smallness, victimhood and struggle is not who I am. This is the false self. The false self speaks only of fear. When I listen to it’s delusional nonsense, I reject my truth.

Your truth will always feel good because it is rooted in love. If you’re truth doesn’t feel good then it’s not your truth – you’ve borrowed this truth. You’re living a truth that you’ve been taught.

When you uncover your truth – you reclaim love.

This is where all self-love begins. The ability to love myself is my greatest work. When I love myself, I am in my truth.

The voice of love spoke again.

Be in love with yourself – every other way of self knowing is an illusion.

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