Difference Between Living from your Heart Space and your Head Space

July 26, 2014

Releasing yourself from your head space

When I started on the Spiritual path I wasn’t really aware of the voices that perpetuated my internal dialogue. However, I always knew there was a strong distinct voice. Most often that voice didn’t sound very nice. The voice spoke through remarks, judgements and observations in different ways but, using the same underline technique: to halt me from growing and experiencing my true Self.

Not until I started to bring awareness to what the voice was telling me, did I really begin to understand how it was telling me what it was telling me. How was it speaking to me? It’s words were constraining, limiting, judgmental, rude and delusional. For years I bought into it’s dialogue thinking it was the truth of who I am.

When I started a process of self inquiry I began to realize that this is not how I would want to speak to anyone, so why do I speak to myself this way? Having the awareness around how I wanted to speak to myself, I consciously decided to change how I choose to speak to myself. If how I was speaking to myself wasn’t empowering, loving and supportive, then it wasn’t the truth of who I am.

Releasing yourself from your head space and leaping into your heart space is the most beautiful, exhilarating and freeing step you can take on your self development journey.

What does living in your head space mean?

You have a constant chatter of thoughts that are limiting, loathing, critical, denying, worrisome, insecure, projecting fear or judgement and even soothing or empathetic in a way that is blaming someone else for how you are feeling. It’s what we have learned from our childhood conditioning and learned responses to challenges and adversities. Our habitual patterns of how we respond, interpret, react and perceive the world in relationship to our viewpoint of who we are. Living in your head space means your self image is determined by what others think of you; therefore it is constantly changing to adapt to other peoples’ opinions of you. Your sense of Self is made up of all the things others have told you in regards to who they think you are and who you are not. It is very limiting and constraining as you try to mold yourself into an image that others will like. If it feels constraining or limiting then it’s not the truth of who you are because the truth is not limiting that’s why it sets you free. 

What does living in your heart space mean?

An inner knowing. A knowing that cannot be explained, but felt. You feel light, free, expansive and alive. You don’t question why you are doing what you are doing, but you feel pulled to do it. Living from your heart space means listening to your feelings and understanding what they are telling you. It feels just right and aligned to who you are. It feels authentic.

How can you begin to live from your heart space?

Begin by getting aware of your feelings and how you feel about anything. I like to sometimes put my hand on my heart and tune into the energy of my body and ask myself “How do I feel about this”. Our feelings indicate what’s moving for us and how it is being played out in the body. For example, if you are feeling anxious. Feel for your anxiety. Where do you feel it in your body. What color does it have. Give it name. Describe it. Creating ways to understand our feelings allows us to better decipher what they are telling us.

When we take the time to acknowledge and feel our feelings, we can learn to make better decisions that are for our highest good. Heart energy is always loving, supportive and empowering. When we live from our heart space we are self compassionate. True healing is in total acceptance of who we are. As acceptance becomes the foundation for our growth and self improvement, we no longer judge or condemn our Being. Instead, we begin to honor and celebrate it. What you celebrate you honor.

So ask yourself: How can I celebrate myself? How can I honor myself? In celebrating and honoring myself I live from my heart space.

If you want to further explore the art of living in your heart space, I highly suggest doing this Kundalini Yoga Meditation on Loving and Accepting yourself for 40 days.

I did the meditation for 40 days earlier this year and it profoundly helped me to better understand when I was operating from my heart space verse my head space. It’s a process of unlearning and remembering your true identity as the infinite spirit and divine light. You will gain better awareness of which voice you want to listen to and which ‘animal’ you want to feed as you choose to accept and love yourself.


Your true nature is infinite, limitless and expansive. What determines the way you do anything is personal power. Choose to empower yourself and shift your power from your head into your heart. Heart space energy is love energy and what you love you empower.

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  • Reply Yogini Katherine February 22, 2016 at 10:47 am

    Tank you for this thought provoking article, Kajal! In my opinion, a healthy balance of both is important, as the heart is a radiant electromagnetic instrument and affects our energy matrix in the span of a five foot radius around us all. The heart has been discovered to have neuron-like cells in it just like the brain. While I believe it is important to not get our calculator in the way of our thermostat, it is also important that we make correct calculations so we don’t get too surprised when someone else mistreats us. If we are only in our heart space when people around us are unkind to us, we will only recoil and hide rather than stand on our own two feet, mentally observe, understand, and forgive in our hearts. Sometimes these calculations are called “judgment”. Sound judgment, as opposed to its ignorant and impulsive counter part. Do you not think a process of judgment is ever necessary? Should we shame, blame, or attempt to avoid our own kindred and innate mental processes? It appears that in our English speaking world, the concept of judgment is often unconsciously liked directly to biblical information. Many of us are unaware we are trying to live our lives according to the bible, even if we do not believe in Christ, etc.. I have been meditating in a dharma group with a Vajrayana monk lately and afterwards we talk. One of the group members brought up how “concepts are bad”. Well, the idea of a concept being bad is a concept in itself. I feel like the root aspect of ignorant judgment can be glimpsed in this statement “concepts are bad”, as it is most destructive to take a concept based on our own impression, chosen vocabulary word to relate, and then carrying it with us, as it actually is clouding our otherwise right judgment. Just some free-floating ideas… take them or leave them, but I would love to hear how you judge, (or discern) my perspective and either relate or don’t relate to this information. Love, Katherine

    • Reply Janine June 14, 2016 at 1:00 pm

      Excellent response, and further, what about the body-space? You can still live in your head, dip down to your feelings from time to time and try amend negative self talk.

    • Reply Kajal Pandey June 14, 2016 at 9:49 pm

      My intention with this article was to help discern when we are in our head space and when we are heart space. Both I feel lived in balance create harmony both in our body and in our life situations, i.e. encounters with people day-to-day. I think a process of judgement is the reason we don’t touch the hot pot of boiling water because in that discernment we realize if we do – we will get burned. This can also be applied to discerning between who you prefer to spend your time with and who you don’t. When we have awareness around who is doing the judgement – the voice of the Ego (head space) or the voice of intuition (heart space) then, we can begin to decide when judgement is truly a necessary within the practical aspects of life. The mind is just a perceiver of ‘what’s out there’ – whereas the heart is the conduit of ‘what’s in here’ to bring it forth ‘out there’. As that would ask for judgement for us to discern. I like to use discernment as way to better understand judgement. Thank you for your reply, I can’t believe I missed it till now! Glad to have read your words, definitely makes me think….

    Leave a Reply