The Only Person Holding You Back Is You

May 19, 2017

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s a snowy, cold and gloomy afternoon in May, it might as well be January by the way it looks outside. I am curled up in my bed beneath the blanket with my cat, Marley, beside me as I take sips of my ginger tea in between typing. I have classical tunes playing because it just fits the theme of the day plus it helps me get into my genius zone. I really need it right now because I don’t feel like doing anything, but binge watching Girl Boss on Netfilx. I may have already watched a quite few episodes and I finally told myself I need to do some work so here I am checking in with you.

By the way, I want to know what you’re watching these days, hit reply this email and tell me. I am a big movie buff, but I rarely watch television. In fact, I don’t even own a TV! But movies, I love them. A movie I loved was Lion, go watch if you haven’t! I always say a secret dream of mine is to be an actress, but alas not in this lifetime. I have another mission that feels more aligned and makes me so excited! It is to create an epic revolution on planet Earth where more people are awakened to live their truth!

In case you missed it, I made a whole video about what it means to live your truth. Go watch it here. I lay down some epic wisdom that will help you realize how IMPORTANT it really is for YOU and for the planet to honor the truth of who you are.

The more we live our truth – the BETTER we feel. The more ALIGNED we are to God, Source, Love, Universe, etc. The more we BELIEVE in our gifts, power and light. The MORE we are of service to the planet, the environment and humanity. Examples of human beings who lived or are living their truth include, Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Jesus, Parmahansa Yogananda, Tony Robbins, Peta Kelly, Kyle Cease, Bentinho Massaro.

If you just read that list of people and said to yourself but they are special, I am not that lucky or they’re just more capable of me. Then, I want you to go google those people…and realize that they all OVERCAME shit to be who they are today because of they decided to.

Living your truth is for the courageous, brave souls who know that THIS LIFE IS THE ONLY ONE THEY HAVE, and they will not let it go to waste by being dragged down by bullshit. I always tell myself this….it took me many lifetimes to get to this one, and I am not going just sit around ‘wait’ to die, I am going to live. I am going to make the MOST of this experience because this will all be over in a blink of an eye anyway – so why take it so seriously?

It really liberates me to be who I AM and do what I desire.

Don’t you want the same for yourself?

To be fully alive in your truth? To live knowing that you made the most of your life? To go after your dreams and desires? To live a life you’re proud of? To create a LIFE you are in LOVE with. This is possible for everyone, even you. BUT IT TAKES WORK, commitment to stop believing in your limits and to CHOOSE to believe in your GREATNESS.

This is where I can help you! I help you change your life. I help you feel better about yourself. I help you step into you power. I help you live your truth.
I am a transformational coach, and my job is to be a mirror reflecting back to you all the bullshit and junk that you’re carrying that isn’t yours, but is weighing you down. My job is to help you realize, understand and know yourself as divine, as love, as light, as whole, as complete. My job is to help you play BIG in life, in love, in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

I can help you have this transformational HOLY SHIFT! I use practical, yet deeply spiritual wisdom to ‘teach’ you the truth about your BEING, your SOUL, your POTENTIAL, your POWER.


Because I’ve been on the other side. I had a really rough childhood with a lot of abuse, I tried to kill myself 3 times, I had depression, I was abandoned by my family, I felt confused for most of life as to what I was going to do with my life, and I truly hated myself and my life.

If I can turn it around. You can too. It’s up to you! I can support you and mentor you through it all, because I get it. I have spots open for 1:1 coaching with me, a truly transformational and life-changing experiencing of helping you KNOW, STEP INTO and RECLAIM your truth. Because it is what you’re seeking….to feel better, to live better, to be better, but most of all, you are seeking a WHOLE, DIVINE connection with yourself.

And you know who is going to give that to you? YOU!

If you’re going hell ya, omg I want that for me, I need a shift, I really need a change….then speak to me to learn about working with me. Book a call to see how I can support you, and if coaching is a good fit for you. Book here. Don’t let your fears hold you back anymore….they will only keep you where you don’t want to be, stuck.

I have spots one for 1:1 coaching with me, if you want to see if coaching is a fit for you and learn about my coaching program, then book a complimentary chat me. I would love to connect with you!

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