Letters with Soul

Why I write

October 27, 2014

photo-341 I can’t even begin to explain my deep love for words! They create art through my pen as it glides on top of the paper. Writing is God manifesting herself over and over again as words strung together to create an imagery for all the senses, for spirit to shine through and express itself in a physical form by the written songs depicted as words spilling out with love.

I write so I may know the songs of my soul and the love of my creator. I write to make manifest the glory of God within me. I write to share the depths of my consciousness so I may relearn my true identity as the authentic self, who is having this miraculous human experience called Life.

Writing to me is having a conversation with my soul. A deep intimate talk spills out onto paper as I draw each letter to create the words. Writing is my spiritual practice – its my way of connecting and celebrating myself as I pour out who I am. Each word symbolizes a passionate love affair exploding onto paper as love’s presence becomes known more and more with each period dotted. I let go, I release, I flow, I ignite, I illuminate, I manifest, I love, I write, I create beauty from the soul for all the other souls of its kind. I write for oneness – so that we can all know our interconnectedness to everything and everyone.

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  • Reply Priyanka Yadvendu October 29, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Beautiful post, Kajal! I love that you called writing a conversation with your soul. I love to write myself and I journal, too. I find my heart speaking to me directly. I don’t even understand it at times, but the words flow so naturally. Writing is a great way to also express your emotions and let yourself just be. When I feel confused, I write my emotions away. It provides me with clarity.

  • Reply Peaches Ledwidge November 20, 2014 at 9:24 am

    The Wonders of Writing…

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