I am a transformational life coach

I empower you to live your truth and create a thriving life.

I believe in miracles, nurturing our curiosities, leaning into vulnerability and radical self-love.

Here is what I know:

+ We are more capable, more worthy, more deserving and more complete than we think
+ Our wholeness and truth is our power
+ We can’t become who we want by remaining who we are
+ Darkness creates awareness of our light
+ We’re never limited, only our thinking is
+ Our life is a reflection of our beliefs
+ Our highest thought about us is always loving
+ Our true nature is joy, love and peace

Here is what I know for sure:

No obstacle is too big and no blessing is too small.

What we are ultimately looking for is meaning. Pure deep joy kind of meaning. Guess what? You are the source and supply of everything.

Here you’ll find inspiration, goosebumps all of your body wisdom and the chronicles of my journey. What started as a space for me to pour words onto paper as I cried my eyes out – slowly became a sacred sanctuary for healing, and now my passionate love-affair to help you live your truth.

scan0006My Story:

I grew up in India with possibly zero chance of ever leaving the country, but a miracle transpired, my father moved to the States and I got thrown into a new world at the age of six. It is to date the best thing that has ever happened to me and because of it, I know my life has meaning. However, I didn’t always know this. I battled with extreme depression, self-hatred, feeling never good enough and an intense belief that I’ll never amount to anything. I saw myself as broken, flawed, ugly, stupid, worthless and unloved. I spent years sabotaging and punishing myself because I thought this is all I deserved.

I grew up in two cultures the western and eastern. I looked Indian, but my entire learned way of life was American. I wasn’t like the typical Indian kid: straight-A smarty pants academic scholar, tennis star, ivy league bound to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer, popular, liked and accomplished. Instead, I was a painfully shy dreamer and thinker with average grades and few friends. Like any teenager, that bothered me a lot so I spent a lot my teenage years in recluse with myself wondering why I so freaking different. Those years were very dark and I wanted to go home. Every time I would slip into my suicidal tendencies, I would hear a voice inside me say keep going. I didn’t know what it meant, but I listened.

I grew into loving myself because of my depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and severe self-hatred. I realized that I had no other way to go expect up after hitting rock bottom – my divine storm. I stepped into uncomfortable situations, embraced vulnerability, decided I wanted to know what this voice meant by keep going and followed my curiosities because intuitively I always knew there was another way. Now, I was ready to discover it. My journey to self-love began with the book, You can Heal Your life, and after that I was addicted to unlearning this Self I had been living with for so long. I was ready to embrace and learn who I really was, a divine spiritual being.

Because of what I have lived through, I know that life is the arena for growth. Growth allows us to remember, it allows us to release and it allows us to move forward.

What I know is that self-love is the key to living an authentic life.

The more we live with authenticity, the happier our lives are.

I’ve learned:
+ We have the power to change the story we live
+ Limits are in the mind and we can unlearn every limiting belief
+ Happiness is a choice I make
+ I am meant to thrive, not struggle
+ The power lies within me, not outside of me

You can give yourself the permission to release, surrender and let go of all that is not serving you.

You can fully live.

You can fully love.

You are whole.

My mission is to be a guide and teacher of truth, self-love, authenticity, empowerment and freedom.

You can begin by  booking a free 30 minute Discovery Call to find out how we can work together and my coaching program.

             A few random bits about me


– I have a deep love for the ocean and trees

– English is my second language, but I have an American accent

– I am an Aquarius

– I have made over 200 videos on Youtube and I speak to my soul through journaling

– I have a B.A. in International Affairs & Diplomacy and I am a Certified Life Coach with Alan Cohen

– My passion is to help people see things differently

– I love talking to the elderly, picking their brain on all things life

– I love airports

– I am a passionate vegan

– I admire curiosity, compassion and courage in others

I hope you find something here that makes your day…opens you up a bit more to see all the goodness in you!

Stay open,

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