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Private Coaching


What I have learned from eight years of doing this work is that in order to create any changes in our life or to even create a life we love, we have to first make it right with ourselves. As in, unlearn who we were taught we should be and reclaim our most authentic, truest self.

When we live from that place of alignment to our true nature, everything works! The flip side is that we can know we are not living in alignment to our true self because nothing is working and life feels hard.

I spent years trying to manifest my desires, make changes in my life, create a life I love, find my purpose, make money doing what I love, make my relationships work — and each time nothing shifted. I was stuck in the same place year after year, living the same life! It took me a while to realize and understand that I was missing one big key piece: myself. Before I could even have, do, be or create what I desired and wanted out of my one and only life, I had to change my relationship with myself. I had to feel good about myself. I had to feel, worthy, capable, deserving, good enough, valuable, abundant and powerful. I had to shift my perception of myself. I had to unlearn myself and be all in.


“Kajal's use of very skilled reflection, listening, and intuitive questions, guided me to find my own answers within the space of only one hour.”

- Sherry Pedersen


When I stopped caring so much about getting something from people and the world, I realized the only person who could truly ever give me what I wanted is me. Then, I could truly be, do, have all that I desired. Without being in alignment to my true self I will always be paddling upstream, feeling powerless, helpless, lost, stuck and disempowered.

This is the unlearning process I guide you through so you can deeply know that you already have everything you need and the way to give it is to come home to your true authentic self. From living in alignment to who you really are, you can create what you want.

My coaching supports you in doing the healing work by clearing blocks, de-conditioning, uprooting belief systems that you’ve adopted and learned, uncovering your small-self story, reconnecting with your inner child, releasing familial expectations and norms, befriending your ego self and recognizing your true self in all of its power.

You will reclaim your worth, value, wholeness as you choose to love who you are by learning to live in alignment with the truth of your being. You will realize that the source of all your suffering, pain and misery are your thoughts and how you feel. You will feel empowered and be better equipped to navigate life in all of its facets. You will have an exceptional relationship with yourself and feel like your most powerful self.

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In this Empower Hour, we will work on a specific issue or challenge you want to break through. You will leave the session with clarity and knowing what your next steps are.


  • 60 minute session with audio recording of the session

  • Follow-up email with notes, homework and your action steps

  • Any additional resource as it may apply

Investment: $130

Session is done via Skype video.

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This is a tailored six month program specific to you and your needs on your healing journey. We will cover everything from your childhood to where you are right now, and to where you want to go. We will look at the big picture of what you most want to shift and break it down into macro and implementable steps to help you make those changes. We will go deep into your inner world to uncover your small-self story, the patterns and conditioning that is keeping you from being your true self and bridge the gap between who you’re right now to who you truly want to embody.


  • Initial 75-minute deep dive session where we talk about you

  • 18 coaching sessions: 3 x 75-minute sessions per month

  • Audio recording of all the sessions

  • Unlimited voice and text support between sessions

  • Homework and action steps after each session

  • Access to the Spiritual Toolbox full of resources

  • Sessions are done via Skype video

Investment: $750 per month

Book a free 30 minute discovery call where we can meet each other, I can learn more about you and we can see if we are a good fit for each other.